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Our review is designed to help you maximize your score on the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam. StatPearls questions and articles are linked directly to NBME® and NBOME® content outlines. Each review course is designed to empower you to assess your knowledge and understanding of medical principles and concepts found on the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam.

Multiple-choice questions

We have 245 Multiple-choice 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order questions with four detailed teaching points linked to 55 PubMed indexed review articles related to the ECG and Rhythm Strip Examination. You can customize practice questions to anatomical and clinical Medical Student subject areas. In addition, you will have access to a 250 question pre- and post-test ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam to help you target learning and identify areas that need further study. Analytics and reports allow you to compare your scores to other students.

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The StatPearls ECG and Rhythm Strip medical student practice exam, ECG and Rhythm Strip assessment test will help you achieve a top score on the ECG and Rhythm Strip Examination. 56 authors and 1 editors have contributed to the development of the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam content, which is continuously refined and updated to improve your learning experience.


ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam Overview

  • How many hours is the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam?

    The ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam is 2 hours.

  • How many questions is the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam?

  • What topics are covered on the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam?

ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam MCQs (245)

Our question bank for the ECG and Rhythm Strip Exam covers four Cognitive Difficulty Levels:

Level 1

83 Questions

Level 2

101 Questions

Level 3

46 Questions

Level 4

15 Questions

  • Cardiovascular - 250 questions
  • Obstetric - 1 questions
  • Pulmonary - 2 questions
  • Surgery - 1 questions
  • Toxicology - 1 questions
  • Manage Care and Comply Regulations - 1 questions
  • Basic Care and Comfort (Assist Daily Living Tasks) - 1 questions
  • Pharm/Parenteral Therapy (Drugs/Vital Signs) - 5 questions
  • Reduction Risk (Post Procedure) - 5 questions
  • Physiological Adaptation (Care Ill Patients) - 147 questions
  • Process (Analysis, Assess, Eval, Implement, Plan) - 210 questions
  • Causes - 40 questions
  • Classification - 25 questions
  • Differential - 126 questions
  • Epidemiology - 2 questions
  • Evaluation Diagnostic Tests - 127 questions
  • Evaluation Lab - 2 questions
  • Evaluation Monitoring - 7 questions
  • Evaluation Procedures - 38 questions
  • Evaluation Radiologic - 3 questions
  • History Physical - 151 questions
  • Pathophysiology - 91 questions
  • Prognosis Complications - 22 questions
  • Toxicology - 1 questions
  • Treatment Medical - 14 questions
  • Treatment Surgical - 1 questions
  • Therapeutics (Drug treatment) - 7 questions
  • Drug Information - 3 questions
  • Pharmacokinetics (Drug movement in body) - 1 questions