Nurse-Risk Management (CPHRM) Articles

Article Name

Advance Directives
Adverse Events
Biosafety Guidelines
Black Box
Catheter Directed Thrombolysis Of Pulmonary Embolism
Change Management
Child Sexual Abuse And Neglect
Cobra Laws And EMTALA
Competency and Capacity
Conflict Management
Continuous Quality Improvement
Death Certification
Discharge Planning
Do Not Resuscitate
Drug Utilization Review
Duty to Warn
EMS Prioritization Of Response
EMS, Medical Oversight Of Systems
EMTALA And Transfers
Expert Witness
Gas Cylinders
Good Samaritan Laws
Grief Reaction
Hand Hygiene
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Health Maintenance Organization
Inappropriate Medical Abbreviations
Incident Reporting
Informed Consent
Interprofessional Rounds in the ICU
Language Barrier
Managed Care Economics
Managed Care Organization
Mandatory Reporting Laws
Medical Error
Medical Error Prevention
Medical Ethics
Medical Malpractice
Medication Errors
Nursing Advocacy
Nursing Neuman Systems Model
Nursing Practice Act
Nursing Rights of Medication Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Rules That Affect Healthcare
Patient Confidentiality
Patient Rights
Power of Attorney
Protected Health Information
Quality Assurance
Quality Improvement
Quality Management
Relative Risk
Risk Management Event Evaluation and Responsibilities
Stark Law
SWOT Analysis
The Joint Commission
Utilization Management
Work Culture
Workers Compensation