Nurse-Radiologic (CRN) Articles

Article Name

Abdominal Exam
Acquired Angioedema
Acute Diverticulitis
Acute Kidney Injury (Acute Renal Failure)
Acute Scrotum Pain
Acute Sinusitis
Acute Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident)
Airway Foreign Bodies
Alcohol Sanitizer
Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Accessory Spleen
Anatomy, Abdomen and Pelvis, Spleen
Anatomy, Blood Vessels
Anatomy, Head and Neck, Skull
Anatomy, Shoulder and Upper Limb, Hand Carpal Bones
Anatomy, Thorax, Aortic Arch
Aneurysm, Abdominal Aortic (AAA), Imaging
Antalgic Gait In Children
Aortic Trauma
Arteriovenous Malformations
Aspiration Pneumonia
Ataxia Telangiectasia (Louis-Bar Syndrome)
Atypical Bacterial Pneumonia
Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillator
Bacterial Pneumonia
Barrett Esophagus
Biliary Atresia
Blunt Head Trauma
Bowel Perforation
Bowel Preparation
Breast Implants
Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Cancer, Breast
Cancer, Esophageal
Cancer, Multiple Myeloma
Cardiac Abscess
Cardiac Imaging
Cardioembolic Stroke
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Cerebral Aneurysm
Chance Fractures
Chest Tube
Child Intussusception
Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia
Chronic Thrombo-Embolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH)
Codman Triangle
Contrast Agent Toxicity
Contrast-Induced Nephropathy
Crohn Disease
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) Of The Lower Extremity
Diaphragm Injury
Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Dipyridamole Nuclear Stress Test
Dual Energy Xray Absorptiometry (DEXA)
Duplex Ultrasound
Embryology, Anencephaly
End of Life Care
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
Esophageal Perforation, Rupture, And Tears
Esophageal Webs And Rings
Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO)
Foreign Body Imaging
Gallstone Ileus
Gamekeepers Thumb (Skiers, Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear)
Gastric Emptying Scan
Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Geriatric Head Injury
Gestational Age Assessment
Good Samaritan Laws
Hand Washing (Hand Hygiene)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Health Screening
Hepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (HIDA) Scan
Horseshoe Kidney
Hounsfield Unit
Human Trafficking
Inferior Vena Cava Filter
Informed Consent
Intussusception In Adults
Ionizing Radiation
Knee Meniscal Tears
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Gadolinium
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Contraindications
Mammography BI RADS Grading
Mediastinal Trauma
Medical Error Prevention
Mesenteric Artery Ischemia
Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis
Migratory Thrombophlebitis
Myocardial Perfusion Scan
Neuroanatomy, Circle of Willis
Neuroanatomy, Cranial Nerve 8 (Vestibulocochlear)
Neuroanatomy, Middle Meningeal Arteries
Ogilvie Syndrome
Pancreas Imaging
Pancreatic Pseudoaneurysm
Parapneumonic Pleural Effusions And Empyema Thoracis
Pars Interarticularis Injury
Patient Confidentiality
Pectoralis Major Tear
Pediatric Bronchospasm
Pelvic Ultrasound
Percutaneous Liver Biopsy
Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiogram
Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA)
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Peripheral Pulse
Physiology, Central Venous Pressure
Physiology, Zero and First Order Kinetics
Placenta Previa
Pleural Effusion
Pneumonia Pathology
Pneumothorax, Spontaneous
Portal Hypertension
Posterior Shoulder Dislocations
Precautions, Bloodborne, Contact, and Droplet
Procedural Sedation
Pulmonary Hypertension
Radiation Enteritis
Radiation Exposure In Pregnancy
Radiation Induced Coronary Artery Disease
Radiation Syndrome
Radiation Therapy, Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Radiology, Image Production and Evaluation
Recognizing Alcohol and Drug Impairment in the Workplace in Florida
Rotator Cuff Injury
Splenic Infarcts
Sterile Technique
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Subclavian Artery Thrombosis
Surgical Fire Safety
Technetium (99mTc) Sestamibi
Thoracic and Lung Ultrasound
Tracheoesophageal Fistula
Transabdominal Ultrasound
Triple Phase Bone Scan
Tuberous Sclerosis
Ultrasound Guided Intravenous Access
Ultrasound Intravascular Access
Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Urinary Tract Infection
Uterine Imaging
Vertebral Fracture
Viral Pneumonia
Widened Mediastinum
Zollinger Ellison Syndrome
Zygomatic Arch Fracture